Call for Participation: Group Work seminar

“Group Work: Contemporary Art and Feminism” is a research project that explores the legacies and histories of group work in art since the 1970s, with a focus on feminist practices. Questions under consideration include: what would a (feminist) art history look like if it refused to tell a history of individual artists? And how did the collectivity inherent in much feminist organising in the 1970s and 1980s feed into artistic practice? This project is in its early stages of formation, with a focus on thinking through the legacies of consciousness-raising in art, as well as other political group work that intersect with feminist politics, including the peace movement, anti-racist and women of colour activism, and lesbian, gay and transgender activism.

As part of this project, scholars of all levels are invited to join a seminar group that will meet once a term to discuss topics under the Group Work theme. The first meeting will take place at the Courtauld Institute of Art on the 28th June 2019, and will be followed by three seminars at the University of Cambridge, Goldsmiths and the Courtauld in the academic year 2019-20. After this first year, there will be a chance to assess the format and duration of the seminar.

Applications are welcome from scholars engaged in art historical writing. To apply, please write a 300 word proposal on the topic you would like to develop over the course of the seminar. Topics are welcome from all geographical contexts and periods, although the emphasis will be on feminist-influenced art practices from the 1970s onwards. There will be an exploration of UK feminist communities and connections between the UK and the US in the initial series of events that will take place alongside the seminar group meetings, drawing on expertise from the Centre for American Art at the Courtauld and the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths. We are exploring possibilities of funding that focuses attention on the UK, but then links beyond this geographical context.  

This research project is being developed by Catherine Grant (Goldsmiths), Amy Tobin (Cambridge) and Rachel Warriner (Courtauld). The three project partners will be exploring funding possibilities, so with your application please indicate: what travel funds you would need to attend seminars in London and Cambridge; whether you are able to attend all four seminar meetings. For the first event at the Courtauld  on 28thJune 2019, there is funding for early career researchers to cover travel expenses upto £50 per person.

Deadline for applications: 24 May 2019. Please send a CV, covering letter and 300 word proposal detailing the research topic to be developed over the course of the seminar. Please also give details of funding needed for travel, where necessary (see above for details). Applications should be sent to:

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